Little Pippi Longstocking, all grown up!

Remember Pippi Longstocking, fearless heroine to little girls everywhere? As a kid, she was one of my favourite fictional characters and I ardently hunted down the movie and cartoons after poring through the book multiple times over. Well then, what a surprise I got when I came across a very rare interview with the Swedish best-selling, murder/mystery crime fiction writer  (recently deceased), Stieg Larsson. In it he reveals that the protagonist in his Millenium series is based on… you guessed it, Pippi Longstocking!

That in itself is not that shocking – it seems like a nice tribute from one author to another. But wait till you read how Larsson has reimagined her. Appearing to be plucked almost straight out of a neo-cyber-techy movie, we meet Lisbeth Salander: an unassuming 24-year-old professional hacker. Punk. Abuse victim. Orphan. A human chameleon; fluent in multiple languages. Possibly autistic, yet keenly intelligent with a photographic memory. In bed, she discriminates neither amongst men nor women. And on the streets, she uses her finely-honed skills to keep herself out of trouble, cunningly exacting her revenge when she chooses.

Hooked already? Head over here to read more!

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4 Comments on “Little Pippi Longstocking, all grown up!”

  1. vahva Says:

    Cool, I’ve never read Pippi Longstocking – I’ll have to now!

  2. Pierre Says:

    Simeon, Infloox’s monkey, was brought up on Pippi Longstocking. But the character he preferred was always Mr Nilsson. Now, why isn’t that suprising…

  3. Lija Says:

    I just started the second one – had no idea about the Pippi Longstocking comparison, but it’ll be great to keep that in mind as I read!

    • infloox Says:

      Post back and let me know what you think of the second one when you’re done reading it! Also feel free to add commentary to that book’s page on Infloox if you know about any additional inspirations that Larsson had in mind when he was writing it 🙂

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