Who’d win in a fight: Hemingway or Eastman?


This is possibly one of the most ridiculous literature-related accounts I’ve come across but it certainly made me laugh envisioning it!

On this day in 1937,  Ernest Hemingway bared his hairy chest to Max Eastman’s unhairy one, demanded “What do you mean accusing me of impotence?” and then wrestled Eastman to the floor.

(ref: http://www.todayinliterature.com/)

I don’t know about you, but my bet’s on Hemingway. If you’re wondering what exactly made Hemingway tick, click here for a bit of insight on his favourite books and authors.

p.s. I’ve really been struggling not to make a terrible joke about for whom the bell tolls…  😉

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2 Comments on “Who’d win in a fight: Hemingway or Eastman?”

  1. Hemingway sure got that a lot—people assuming that he was always compensating for something. It goes without saying that Hemingway’s your winner unless Eastman was packing bear mace.

  2. infloox Says:

    Well, from what I’ve read, it wasn’t the first time he got in a fistfight with someone! And I mean… it’s not exactly a “kids brawling on the playground” kinda thing either!

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