And now for something completely different! If you have visited the Infloox website, you might have noticed a certain monkey in the corner. Who is he, you ask? Well, read on…

simeonIn spite of his rather haughty exterior — some would say ‘in line with it’ — Simeon is rather shy.  Yes, I swear, really really shy.

Which may explain why I haven’t had that much success in learning about his background.  Apart from his frequent mood swings and occasional outbursts — always surprising to me, however much I’ve come to expect them — what is clear to even the most casual of his acquaintances is the pride he takes in his reading skills.  Not without reason: after all, how many monkeys can you think of who could boast of such an achievement?  And then, he loves to pile up his books, and sort and re-sort them, by height, by colour, by favourites…  Would you say ‘neurotic’?  I think, actually, it’s rather cute.

That said, I sometimes do wonder…  Might he be pretending to be able to read?  To be honest, between you and me, I am certain he would not only be game for such a subterfuge, but I’d be willing to bet he’d be quite good at it!  (But please, don’t tell him I said that.)

But no matter what, whether he is his playful self or in one of his foul moods, his presence always cheers me up. It’s a pleasure to have him around daily!

(Only thing:  I really wish he would stop hanging from the coat hooks in the hallway.  One day those things are going to rip, I tell you.  And then who will have to clear the mess?)

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