The Picture of Dorian Grey movie adaptation

The beloved literary classic, The Picture of Dorian Grey, is getting a facelift on the silverscreen! Oscar Wilde fans can expect a September ’09 UK release, with the North American date following shortly. A dark and moody gothic horror story, it stars Colin Firth, Ben Barnes and Macaulay Culkin.

The story tells the tale of a young man, the title character, who was the subject of a painting by the artist Basil Hallward. Hallward becomes more and more infatuted with Dorian Grey, believing that he is his muse. Through Hallward, Grey meets Lord Henry, who impresses him with a new lifestyle of hedonism and beauty. Realising that his good looks will someday fade, Grey is granted a wish that his looks will remain unspoiled, while only his image in Hallward’s painting will age. As his wish is fulfilled, Grey continues to become entrenched in debauched acts; each act is portrayed as a new disfigurement in the painting of Grey.

Although Oscar Wilde gained high recognition and popularity as an author, Dorian Grey was actually his only published novel. His other work was comprised of short stories, plays and poems. While he was one of the most successful playwrights of the Victorian era, he also created much controversy due to his mentions and convictions of homosexuality. His circle of influence was wide, as he befriended a number of poets, authors and playwrights such as Lord Alfred Douglas, Walt Whitman, Lionel Johnson and several others. In addition, plenty of musicians and composers have also claimed Wilde as an influence upon their music. Visit Infloox to read more about Oscar Wilde and watch the movie trailer below:

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