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Yippee, it’s Roald Dahl Day!!

September 13, 2009

September 13th – today is officially Roald Dahl Day, where we celebrate the much-loved author’s birthday around the world!

Dahl was born to Norwegian parents in Wales on September 13, 1916. In a world far removed from the fantastical lands and characters he wrote about in his books for children, Dahl excelled as a pilot for the Royal Air Force and also served as an intelligence agent.

He first got his start in writing when a story he had penned about his war-time adventures was published in the newspaper. Following that, he started to churn out a number of books, including some that are widely regarded as classic children’s literature, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda and The Twits. For these he derived inspiration from his own childhood – pranks played at boarding school, the chocolate samples sent to the students from the Cadbury company, antagonistic teachers and sumer holidays in Norway. However, all of his stories were not for kids. Dahl also published several works that told of life on the frontlines of the war, in addition to screenplays and non-fiction titles. Years later, his books still line bookshelves around the world, and several of his works have been adapted for film and television.

For those with young readers around, have a look at the official Roald Dahl Day website, featuring tons of free downloads and a free Roald Dahl Day activity kit. Older readers can head over to Infloox to learn more about Dahl as an author, and find out which books and writers he enjoyed the most himself.


Little Pippi Longstocking, all grown up!

August 7, 2009

Remember Pippi Longstocking, fearless heroine to little girls everywhere? As a kid, she was one of my favourite fictional characters and I ardently hunted down the movie and cartoons after poring through the book multiple times over. Well then, what a surprise I got when I came across a very rare interview with the Swedish best-selling, murder/mystery crime fiction writer¬† (recently deceased), Stieg Larsson. In it he reveals that the protagonist in his Millenium series is based on… you guessed it, Pippi Longstocking!

That in itself is not that shocking – it seems like a nice tribute from one author to another. But wait till you read how Larsson has reimagined her. Appearing to be plucked almost straight out of a neo-cyber-techy movie, we meet Lisbeth Salander: an unassuming 24-year-old professional hacker. Punk. Abuse victim. Orphan. A human chameleon; fluent in multiple languages. Possibly autistic, yet keenly intelligent with a photographic memory. In bed, she discriminates neither amongst men nor women. And on the streets, she uses her finely-honed skills to keep herself out of trouble, cunningly exacting her revenge when she chooses.

Hooked already? Head over here to read more!

Today in Lit – July 28

July 28, 2009

Going back to 1814 today, the poet Percy Shelley eloped with a girl just 17 years old, named Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Why do we remember this? Well, it just so happened that they Shelleys were good friends with a certain Lord Byron. As it happens, one day they challenged each other to each write a fantastic ghost story. Mary was actually the only one in the group to complete her story, creating a fearsome character we have made infamous decades later: Frankenstein!

Now, if you’re wondering how a gentle woman like Shelley could come up with such a monster, we merely need to look at her

influences. The most obvious was a scientist, Johann Konrad Dippel. Before his death, Dippel had made plans to purchase an old castle in Germany named Castle Frankenstein. The work that

Dippel carried out included reviving still hearts, which to Mary might have seemed like bringing back the dead! Read more about it here.

Hello world!

July 22, 2009

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